No child deserves to be limited by her circumstances. We believe kids deserve the right to create their own futures. By cultivating a child's skills, motivation, and confidence through a structured learning experience, we can

educate and empower the children of Southern Africa.



Despite the hardships of life in an impoverished village, 800 kids at Aussenkehr Primary School are excited to learn and have big dreams for the future. Over half of these 7-13 year old students are on the orphans and vulnerable children list, meaning their families cannot afford their basic necessities, making education all the more important.


The teachers within the schools we support are the driving force behind our mission to encourage kids towards a future beyond manual labor. Teachers work long hours, in difficult conditions, with severely limited resources, yet they encourage the minds and bodies of each child with unwavering compassion.


Our current projects are located in Aussenkehr, Namibia, a small village smack-dab in the middle of the hot Namib Desert. With your help, we provide funding for projects that make education fun and accessible for children, while easing the financial burden education can place on disadvantaged communities.

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